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March 2, 2022
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Save the date: “Once upon a time, three dead parrots” by Kinder Album from March 4th to April 20th


The vernissage of the exhibition will take place on March 4 at 7 p.m. You are warmly welcome! Registration is mandatory: +49 1520 5826249 / contact@arteastgallery-bk.com.

“The siren starts to sound somewhere, deep in our stomach. Hearing it for the first time - you remember that sound forever and every time you shiver. (...) It sounds paradoxical, but it turns out that now I am better off here in the war and in the basement, making coffee at the sound of the sirens, but at home, with friends, relatives, just my fellow citizens. (...) We are afraid but we will overcome, we are on our land, we are all together.” These are some words from the artist who was supposed to be with us for the opening of her exhibition, her first solo exhibition in Germany. She decided to stay in Ukraine with her family. We send her all our solidarity and stay in touch with her as with all our artists.

This exhibition is the last one we were able to bring out of Ukraine before the war started, it is therefore very special.

"Once upon a time, three dead parrots" is the artist's first solo exhibition in Germany. Originally from Lviv, Kinder Album explores our collective anxieties through deliberately trashy scenes or provocative stagings. Each painting or drawing is based on a news item or a shared reference from pop culture, ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Queen Elizabeth. Strongly inspired by thrillers, with which the artist likes to scare herself, Kinder Album slips her own fragility and fears into her artworks. These fears, hers, are also ours, and Kinder Album invites the audience to face them. Slowly, the childish varnish cracks, revealing morbid scenes and a society riddled with cynicism.

The cruelty of society is particularly highlighted by the symbol of the parrot, an exotic bird that has come to die in the snow and the coldness of Ukrainian and European societies that are hostile to their presence. Kinder Album also mocks, with a scathing humor, the hypocrisy of certain standards that, not daring to confront the representation of naked women - and even going so far as to censor them on instagram - still fantasizes the woman-object. By assigning us to the disturbing posture of the voyeur, the artist opens an interstitial space so that the spectator appropriates the interpretation.

Kinder Album was born in 1982 in Lviv, Ukraine. She studied architecture at the University of Lviv and at the Technischen Hochschule Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Germany. In 2012 she started working under her artist name "Kinder Album", and in 2013 she presented her first exhibition at the Dzyga Gallery in Lviv. She is still particularly active in the art scene of her hometown but also exhibits across Europe, from the UK to Montenegro, Lithuania and Russia. In 2021, she exhibited outside the European continent for the first time as part of the exhibition "Transcending Boundaries", which was shown at Galeria Tira al Blanco in Guadalajara (Mexico).
The hygiene concept of the gallery is in line with the valid guidelines of infection control. Masks are compulsory.





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