Watch the things my way...

Every life is unique no matter whether it is human, animal, city or buildings. Their life stories are created by numerous moments: interesting, bright, boring, monotonous ... different.

I've been working with objects for a long time. I got inspired by studying the details of their life story. Those were ordinary things such as bicycles, clothes, shoes, utensils. I was focused on investigating dishes and cups for a long time - I have no clear explanation why, but perhaps because of the possibility to read them more clearly. Coffee, morning, alone, together ... evening, tea, alone, together ...

Long-standing still life has taught me to watch and see, read and listen. I learned how to feel life. 

One day it became clear that the most interesting thing for me to watch is the city in which I live. It was not a sudden occurrence. For several years, I have been going to the studio the same way almost every day - in summer, winter, autumn, spring. The weather, seasons, people’s clothes, car designs, advertising boards were changing, and the city was rushing or going down to whisper, but it was never silent. You just need to stop and listen to its exciting sounds. So I began to read the architecture, which for me was a monumental chronicle of life.

The landscape was always interesting for me, it is one of the main subjects in my work. I like to observe the urban landscape, how the city grows, how it changes under the influence of modern time. I contemplate and try to express the moments that worry me with graphic means. I like to look through the window and notice that the same landscape always changes under the influence of weather, time of day, season and even because of my mood. 

The works of the last few years, cityscapes, are dedicated to my travel impressions. In them, people have become an integral part of the atmosphere and mood.

I work with linocut technique, which has been over ten years my main and favorite technique. And after these years I still find new technical possibilities of this media which help me to show my ideas and to better communicate with my viewer.                                                                                  

Olesya Dzhurayeva